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Monday, July 14, 2008

Stiftung AutoMuseum Volkswagen

Actually my first time in Volkswagen Museum in Wolfsburg. No surprises here since the museum has been around for long time, featured in all magazines etc. Quite many of the cars have incorrect parts (eg. German law had required indicators instead of semaphores at some point) for that particular model year or aren't even restored, but still I liked the place a lot. It looked and felt like a Museum for Volkswagen should feel like.

Yeah to the left we go, not so keen on following the evolution of Golf.

Zwitter dash.

The Rometsch Taxi.

The Hebmuller Police car.

Inca Red '58 Cabriolet.

Split 'Vert is always a Split 'Vert.

The '38 Cabriolet.

Theo Decker engine.

The Stoll Coupe.

Lawrence Rometsch.

Utility vehicle built for 3rd world countries, looks awfully like Teijo but maybe then Kekkoslovakia in the 70's was still 3rd world? :)

The Kamei Split that I remember seeing in 1999 Bad Camberg.

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