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Monday, August 23, 2010

2010 Scandinavian Cal Look Classic

The Bug Run seems to be lost cause but now there is a replacement in Nordics and not that much further for us Finns. My first SCC and had really good time over the weekend. Nothing to bitch about, everything was very smoothly run and organized.

Inside the SCC Taxi, cool to arrive to event in style. Thanks Tor-Odd for the ride.

Scandinavian action hero Leif Nyström.

It was pretty cool to see CSP Ghia pushing below the 9-second barrier, especially having Peter from CSP explain us his vision about the car (original German engine block and transmission cases) the night before.

The famous Skinne Beetle.

Vegard's new one. One of my favourite cars in the show, some very cool parts and really good thinking layout-wise.

Another cool Norwegian Looker that I hadn't seen before.

I am not very keen on Super Beetles but really liked this one (okay couple of details don't float my boat). Maybe it is the exception that enforces the rule :)

Heebah's Split draw a steady crowd of onlookers whole weekend.

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2010 SCC - More pictures

The proximity of the airport (runway just behind the drag strip) is cool, apart from giving the camping a challenge, you can see both planes and drag racing cars taking off at same time.

Pekka Laitinen's awesome 914-6.

One of my favorite Nordic cars. Also one of the cars that are always in Bug Run (along with that black ghia), finished long time ago and still looking awesome. The photo doesn't do justice to it's striking white paint.

The Bus that was rescued from fjord after few decades.

Pair of Vaasa Ovals.

The Split of Heebah's older brother.

Besides the engine interior was fully Speedwell equipped too.

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2010 SCC - Racing Shots

Berserk in pits.

Event organizer Kalle's Turboed '67.

Joran Larssen launching.

The sticky tarmac match-race between Jon and Johnny.

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