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Monday, July 7, 2008

2008 European BugIn II

Check out my photos from EBI II.

The Road to Chimay from Helsinki

Big thanks again to Kobus' travel agency :) Since Chimay is located in Belgian countryside, a farm based bead&breakfast type of arrangements are really great.

Like last year with Dyno Don, this time we had also neighbors that woke us early :)
The shot on the middle is dedicated to our Swedish friend Woffe, "hey, got a navigator for this year and look where the hell it lead me" :)
Made nice progress until we reached Hamburg, spent nearly two hours in the rainy traffic jam on late Friday afternoon, made to Cologne later in the evening.

Nice 911T on the streets of Ystad.

Some tourist shots.. As I was travelling with my wife in our daily-driver this time, we spent bit more time in one over night location and location mattered more than last year :) I had never realized how nice the Southern tip of Sweden actually is.

The plan was to take a boat from Turku, Finland to Stockholm, Sweden on Wednesday evening. Drive during Thursday from Stockholm to Ystad, on Friday from Ystad to Cologne and on Saturday the shortest stint from Cologne, Germany to Chimay, Belgium.
After EBI kill some time in Champagne area and/or Normandy in France then head to Switzerland to ESRA Nationals and back home to Helsinki, Finland.

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