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Monday, July 14, 2008

Misc Shots: Stuttgart - Wolfsburg

Mahle buildings in Stuttgart.

Spotted also other Finnish Volkswagen guys on the way.

The 5 hour drive including stops wasn't the most relaxing ones I had. The open speed roads are quite tiresome to drive as you have be so alert and watch the rear-view mirror as much as windscreen due to the difference in speeds around you.

I spent some time in trying to duplicate the "history book" shot of the factory with the 4 smokestacks and the company logo. Didn't succeed but the train transporting modern fresh out of production line Volkswagens is bonus.

Never seen so many rabbits in my life as in every green patch in Wolfsburg.

Found this while browsing local newspaper at the hotel; little something for my Swedish speaking friends, little sip of J.P. Chenet can turn you into Super Knuller?

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