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Friday, September 6, 2013

Solitude Revival

Made a quick trip to Southern Germany during my Summer holiday. Always while in Stuttgart area a visit to Porsche Museum is a must, luckily we visited the Museum on the same day as Solitude Revival started nearby and saw the event flyers. No racing was going on, just technical inspection of the cars, didn't have a chance to stay until the next day to see racing, but got still huge kicks of the well organized event with cool machinery that I wouldn't otherwise get to see and hear.

Peter Falk / Herbert Linge Monte Carlo Rally car now being restored by Porsche. Showing all the abuse and repairs over the past 45 years.

Hans Metzer, the Porsche engineer behind the air-cooled 911 engine. Honourable guest in the event.

50 years of the 911 exhibition at Porsche Museum

Porsche 356 Klubb Riksmöte

Spent really great afternoon in Jönköping of all places during the weekend visiting relatives in Sweden. Not saying that seeing the relatives wasn't great too :)