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Monday, August 11, 2008

2008 FSRA Nationals

Some photos by Sebastian Vuorisalo from Finnish Street Rod Association's event last weekend.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Soldier.. eh.. solderer of fortune

I'm still in process of putting the 'Vert back together. I got a Wiring Works reproduction wiring loom via Powerhaus earlier in the Summer and that's going into the car at the moment (I can recommend John@Powerhaus for Volkswagen parts needs, very good service and fast delivery.)

I have drooled over neat wiring in photos and in shows (Foxy, Rick etc) but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted and as much as I love neat custom wiring I wanted to have original style colour coding in wires.

So I bought the kit but I am not all that happy with it. As it is exact repro of the factory original for certain year it doesn't offer much alternative routing options nor there is just no extra wire and it is also put into heat shrunk tube. Would have been nicer if there had been little bit more DIY stuff left.

The spaghetti incident. The front 4-fuse box is bit messy.

Buddy from Luftsick, Alhoracing, dropped by and we fitted the original 30hp into the engine bay. The rear suspension got sorted along with the extra weight :)

That small diameter 12 volt Porsche (thanks Mikko) generator caused little extra head scratching in dismantling the rear of the wiring loom and re-routing the wires to hidden regulator, as there was no nice way to mount the voltage regulator near the generator. I didn't neither manage to find a period correct looking generator mounted regulator.