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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Olari Swap-O-Rama

Some photos from Volkswagen swap-meet held twice a year in Olari, Espoo.

Another DWL takeover :)

Juses Ford Pick-up and Äyris' Pagoda Mercedes.

Bus that changed hands from Jaska to Vesku and then forward..

Valtteri's Split got the "best development potential" award..

..while Tomi has utilized the development potential in his Split to the max :)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Gas Burner time

Tested how the Gas Burners from my Oval would look like. Not sure how good they looked due to lack of shine. Maybe repros would be better as I'll never polish them again since maintaining original Gas Burners is bit tedious.

Askartelua paskartelua

One lesson learned was double check that all cable tubes are cleaned from debris while the body is off. Somehow missed accelerator pedal cable tube even I had quite explicit task list. I would have never believed how much crap from sand blasting and old grease it can contain.

Yeah, I am using the cheapo EMPI disc brake kit in rear, I guess they work okay but they weren't as much as bolt on as I had hoped for.

CSP, buy the best and cry once :)