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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mercedes Benz Museum

One of the cities in our way home is Stuttgart, home of two car manufacturers and museums I have wanted to visit for some time. I was really blown away by the Mercedes Museum, from the easy access (from parking hall) to it's sheer size and the quality of the displays.

First horizontally opposed engine in the world.

The most interesting era, 50's/60's. I guess the tipper truck was my biggest favourite. Having spent my childhood in 70's those trucks looked familiar, hell of a lot familiar than the cars in foreground for obvious reasons.

Unbelievable vehicles and colour combinations, especially the champagne/metallic blue on the Pagoda.

The Rennabteilung Truck was my biggest favourite for the day.

The same colour combinations work also in bigger Sonderbuses too..

The Museum is not fully dedicated to sportscars and high-end classics. Mercedes has produced cars on very large scale so the old taxis and "pikey wagons" are displayed too.

Mercedes version of 1952 Kastenwagen.

Häkkinen's overalls and shoes, Kimi's gloves, Coulthard's trophy and Lewis' helmet if I remember correctly.

8 stories full of classic cars, cool place for any car enthusiast whether you're into Mercedes or not.

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