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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Flashback: Paise joka vei potin

I was re-reading some V8 Magazine back-issues when I came across this 1982 issue having feature article about Drag Races for street cars in Hanko Airfield. Our garage-chief Kotten, who at that time was competiting for Finnish Drag Racing championship with his "Hitler's Revenge" Beetle, won the elimination rounds with his '51 Split Window. The '51 was compiled out of left over parts from 5 other Beetles for fun (never missing an opportunity to race) and it got license plates only couple of days before.

The ET, 15.850, doesn't perhaps sound all that fast in today's standards and the fastest muscle car was running 12s in the event, but still win in first "real" organized Finnish Street Race and with 1600cc engine. Knowing Kotten I can picture in my mind his expression when he told the interviewer how he assembled the car and it all costed almost 5000 Finnish marks (which is less than 1000 Euros today) And yes, Kotten still owns the Split :-)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Flashback: EPU-1

This looker licensed "EPU-1" was one of the first "proper" Looker to be featured in magazines, magazine in that case being Street/Race. Dechromed and arse-down it is a perfect example of early 90's Finnish Cal Look dream car.

Later the car received white scallops on the front which in my opinion ruined the look of the car.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ford Special

Photos of home built racing car.. This happened some time ago, but car is too cool not to be included here, I was sitting with a friend in his garden having couple of beers and suddenly we heard very cool/strange engine roar in the street. Ecce's friend came over with this Ford Special/historical racing car. While Finland was recovering from WWII some roots about post war racing were already grown, this car is very typical home built racing car from that era. Built in late 40's and raced from that on in events like Eläintarhanajot. It is composed from various cars, like some suspension components were from 50's EMW (East German Built BMW) and engine/drivetrain combination from Flathead Ford, hence the name Ford Special. Coolest part of the car are those period hop-up parts like Allard cylinder heads and intake manifold. I have always liked Street Rods and in that perspective it is really funny that this car is museum registered and street legal without fenders.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Flashback: Lowrider Volkswagen

This lowrider built by Antero Nissilä was one of the most tasteful Custom creations during the early 80's. If I remember correctly this photo was taken in Wanha's show in Tikkurila Ice Hall in 1992.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Flashback: First Finnish California Look Feature

This scan from 1981 V8 Magazine is most likely the first California Look feature in Finnish magazines.
Hot Rod Magazine had this feature of early 80's Cal Look around the same time.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Flashback: 80's Finnish Cal Looker

Jussi Jyränkö of Kuplapaja bought this late model as an unfinished project in late 80's. It was started in mid 80's by two brothers who were into American Cars and were doing street racing with Buick GS. Car was built by very high standard at that time by the two brothers and they had mail ordered a huge amount of parts from US and A. Jussi finished the car and registered it 1989/90. The above photo by Pete is from 1992 American Car Show, I was into American cars at that time but I took some photos of the Fuchsed Super Beetle 'Vert next to it.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Attitude sticker

Flashback: Early 80's Finnish Custom

This is metalflake cake is one of the first Customized (in any form/style) Volkswagens I have ever seen. It was featured in V8 Magazine around 1981. This photo was taken in late 90's when Kuplapaja was still in Tattarinsuo, Helsinki. Unlike many early creations this Oval is still alive today, which is great.

Couple of other 80's customs photographed in later part of the decade. The influence of car above can be seen in black 70's car. At that time (and in some circles even today) Volkswagens were seen as substitute when one couldn't afford an American car and it lead to some pretty strange creations.

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Flashback: Early Finnish Cal Look

One of earliest California Lookers in Finland. I cannot remember any details about the car, except have a hunch that it was from Turku or somewhere in West Coast. Based on these photos Alhoracing took the location looks like American Car Show in old Helsinki Ice Hall.

Here is Pete's photo of the car later in Bug Run.

Flashback: Tällaisia ei ole Suomessa..

Old scanning from V8 Magazine. If I remember correctly it is from Sko Uno Drag Festival in Mantorp, Sweden around 1980-81. First time I heard the term "California Looker". In text some of the modifications on that car are described and ends with "these things doesn't exist in Finland" :-)

Couple of layout ideas for my Kab

Restoration progress of my Cabriolet has been quite slow due to various reasons. Now it looks like it is going to be painted during February-March. Most likely it is going to be in original colour, that being L452 Paprika Red. When I teared the car apart three years ago I had a vision of metallic green paint (from new VW Passat at that time), pimp-my-ride rims and cream leather interior. Now the 17" American Racings are long gone and my mind is set towards traditional Resto Cal in spirit of GFK. Even though in quality/detail point of view my car won't be in the same leaque as those guys are. As a Resto Cal it will be easier to get rid of someday, it'll be stock easily, just matter of swapping the discs to 5x205 drums and steelies and raising the suspension.

Playing with the idea of Paprika Red Cabriolet a bit more. Steve Mortimer's '54 Coral Red Cabriolet coloured to Paprika (thanks Heeba). Steve's car is one of the top Cabrios I have seen in real.

Friday, December 8, 2006

More earlies..

Took delivery of some 4.5" Fuchs yesterday. Thanks Pierre-Alain!

It is bit funny how the banks spent one week in transferring the money between our accounts when UPS delivered the wheels to my door within two days when they picked them up from Pierre-Alain.

Now I need one more 4.5" or two 6" wide ones to complete the set destined for my Kab.

Favourite photos of my Oval this season

Photo reminds me about a scene in Borat movie, (with Alhoracing saying) "this guy is pain in my asshole, I get a black Beetle - he gets a black Beetle, I get set of Gas Burners - he gets a set of Gas Burners, I get a Berg5 - he cannot afford, Great Success" :-)

Three fake Cabriolet engine lids..