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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Link: Denmark vs. California

Found the California vs Denmark blog while killing time before a meeting.

Picture of early Danish Cal Lookers from 1981/82, they turned out to be rides of Rene Lokdam and Michael Berg. The very same dynamic Danish duo I've met in so many Volkswagen events over the years. Always very nice to meet them and check out their latest rides or changes to current cars :-)

Here are their rides from Bad Camberg this year..

Link: Christian Claude's Photography

I found this site hosting Christian Claude's photography from late 50's via Google searches. It seems that he was a professional photographer who took photos from local events, luckily many of these were rallies or races. His non-automotive photos are very cool and nostalgic too.

Just how cool are those before start pictures of rallydrivers above :) See the rest of them http://www.christian-claude.com

Monday, July 23, 2007

Link: Pat's drawings

Found this blog having Pat's drawings from 1991-92. Mike's '55 Sunroof would have looked equally cool in Resto Cal guise :-)


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

EBI & Camberg - On The Road Shots

Some of the best moments during our trip were just related to driving in small convoy through pretty nice or interesting scenery.

Somewhere around Bad Camberg.

Somewhere between Namur and Nivelles. Photo by Heebah. The countryside and small towns were hell of a lot more livelier than they're in Finland.

Looks like my Oval may end up in some Japanese Volkswagen DVD :-) These guys from So-Kal publishing were quite hard core, guy with the camera spent the trip from Nivelles to Waterloo in the trunk of their rental Touran filming all the cars cruising.

Arriving to Chimay.

On way home near Kerpen.

Last time I admired this amazing result of German architecture was my 2006 Spa trip, having taken cheap German Wings flights to Cologne/Bonn for the first and last time of my life.

Köln skyline. Too bad I didn't get any photos of the hills around Liege, but due to the sidewinds I was fully occupied with steering the car :-)

Around Dortmund - Wuppertal.

Wind powerplants in Eastern Germany, when you see them you know that it may get little windy for Volkswagen too.

See the rest of the photos of our trip in here.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Oval in Kassel Hills

One of my favourite photos this summer.. Too bad were driving in four car format and adjusted our speed according to the slowest one (and generally no hurry anywhere) but being able to really rip it up those hills would have been so cool :)

On the other had blowing up the engine on first 400kms of 2000+ km road trip wouldn't neither have been very smart..

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Karmann Ghia Farm Find

Lowlight Karmann Ghia that friend of mine picked up today from farm in Southern Finland.. Lot of work but nice find, good luck with the project dude.

2007 Porvoo Swap

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Minsk Courier's Tricks - Inexpensive Cool Air Kit

Tip that I learned during our Camberg&EBI trek how to improve cooling with spare fan belt. Straight out of Minsk Courier's collection of vintage Auto Motor und Sport-magazines..