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Saturday, July 12, 2008

2008 Baden Baden Oldtimer Meeting

Some shots from the Baden Baden Oldtimer Meeting we stumbled upon semi-accidentally while driving from Thun to Stuttgart. As I have become bored (again) with Volkswagens I guess today was a good day to feel other viable options from Porsches to Hot Rods.

The event was located around the Baden Baden Trinkhalle and Casino, seemed to be sponsored quite heavily by Mercedes which was nice.

The 6.3 litre AMG V8 "Spa legend" as it was titled, they had a Mercedes guy officially reving up that engine, quite unbelievable sound..

Total of three Gullwings in the event. I guess we were being spoiled, so many Pagodas and 50's SL Cabriolets that I lost count.

Okay, back to business..

Cal Looker representing the era when I got into Volkswagens. I think I like now that 90's stance more than extreme rake that is more common today.

Zwitter and Oval.

"Your move". Reminded me about the German Sheperds I had in "previous life". The moment when the dog got bored with playing fetch and started to challenge the trainer by dropping the stick nearer so there is no chance to just grab the stick before the dog.

Sanna's Spyshots
She has developed a bad habit of taking shots behind my back.

The holy grail..

I have soft spot for Peugeot 404s having spent my childhood trips in one. I should probably be happy not being into French cars, that 60's 404 my parents had hell of a lot more work done to in than my '55 Oval has had so far. I remember it having one full respray, one engine rebuilt where the cylinder liners (don't know the correct term) were swapped along with pistons/rings and welding of course :)

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