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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

2012 Volksworld Show

Part of the 25th anniversary celebrations was the display of selected magazine covers where you could vote for favourite. Supported naturally my buddy Kaitsu and the cover with his pink '57 Oval.

Loved the detail on this '62, cool stuff like the blackened small diameter 12V generator.

I thought about having red fender beading and running board mats on my car but thought that red running board mats look too much like painted, like in 80's Lookers, but they do work in here.

I wish I had better view on the side with chromed Fuchs. The combination of paintwork and chrome is just unbelievable.

My favourite VW-writer Mike Pye's Oval. I am not saying that just because he wrote suberb article on red convertible year ago but along with Ivan their sense of humour is what makes Volksworld my favourite magazine. I always get into good mood when I receive a new issue of the magazine.

Walter had build one more real scale R/C Tamiya this time Willys bodied buggy.

Don't know if commercial vehicles are coachbuilts but from all the special bodied Volkswagens Matador Tempo is my favourite.

The late 80's/early 90's Looker had received modern stance.

One more awesome Type III from the Bavarian Head Quarters :)

Oval 'Vert from the Wheelerdealer team. Awesome car and great attention to detail. Rostyles work well with the car.

Apart from the narrowed front beam this Oval would have been my dream car in mid 90's, still is :)

Like with Walter's Sand Scorcher that was succeeded with Wild Willy I thought it's pretty difficult to come up with anything after the slammed Country Buggy.

Monday, March 26, 2012