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Monday, July 14, 2008

Porsche Museum

Some photos of the old and small Porsche Museum. I knew it was small but with the 904 and 356 America Roadster it was probably worth the visit.

First 904 I have seen "layed on Fuchs" :) Fuchs wheels being 4-5 years later than the actual car may be incorrect but look very cool. Wonder what it might look like with Gas Burners..

'50 Standard Split with some export and later model parts.

Just recently finished reading Giljs van Lennep's interview in 911&Porsche World. He mentions finishing fourth in this Targa Florio partnering with Hans Laine in AAW 908. According to the story Hans had losted one front wheel off the car but since on straights the car went on three wheels due to the wings and he was able to do corners with brakediscs he managed to get into pits. Got new tire/wheel and finished fourth among the legendary names of sportscar racing.

Damn, they look like plastic hubcaps non-detailed :)

Porscheplatz Dealership

Future Museum

The to-be Porsche Museum. Most likely worth the wait..

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