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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Top Done

The Cabriolet top is now installed and have few small details that need attention before the first technical inspection since 2001. I am glad that had time to take part in fitting the canvas top otherwise I wouldn't have any clue how tedious that task is.

Big thanks to Kai Aulankoski for the work with the top upholstery. Kai was one of the three pivotal guys who made the restoration happen along with Kari Kuusharju and Juhani Laaksonen. Thanks are also in order to Frank Stockton and Bob van Heyst from BBT who supplied the correct mohair headliner the car is supposed to have.

Praise for Chuck
One of the tasks we were quite nervous about were the decorative trims that are mounted on top of the rear window and around the rear body. My car came with the rear of the body trim when I bought it 10 years ago but the one over the rear window was long gone. Chuck's Convertible Parts manufactures excellent repros, which were exact match to the originals and very easy to install.

While doing the top we noticed that the 'Vert has frickin' Barndoor Sonderbus colour-scheme or at least similar.