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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Misc Shots: Wolfsburg - Stockholm

"Audi syö latua" :) Last stop for couple of days in Stockholm, 5800 kilometres and one million dead insects later.

Last summer we did 2200 km Chimay/Camberg tour with 4 aircooled cars and took a ferry from Helsinki to Rostock, Germany. That ferry is bit pain in the ass as it is boring as hell, it takes 24 hours leaving Helsinki at evening and arriving to Rostock at following evening, which means immediate check-in to hotel or driving in night through Estern Germany.

This time I didn't have to worry so much with the car etc so it made more sense to take the ferry to Sweden and then drive though Sweden, Denmark and Northern Germany. On a distance to Hamburg this equates 1000 km more driving from Stockholm than from Rostock. No problem in a modern car.

So if I take that 1000 km off that it takes to get to the "play grounds" from up North, then the two weeks consisted of driving around 4000 kilometres in Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland.

And overtaking manouvre of the year award goes to.. Well, it took almost a year.

Sweet home Nordic!

One more shot from Autostadt; they're taught how to drive in "stau" at very early age :)

After first initial "WTF, this chauvinistic shit isn't real" reaction I realized, as these reserved spaces were first slots after the hotel reception doors, that this must be a security measure so that the female drivers can feel safer when parking during the night. Got to admit it was bit funny to see one elderly lady parking her Opel over the line dividing two "female only" parking spots :)

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