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Saturday, April 4, 2009

New Porsche Museum

When we visited the old museum in our 2008 Summer trip, I made myself a promise to return. While the old museum provided quite good price/quality ratio, being free, it was small and outdated to such car manufacturer. The new one is as flashy as the Mercedes museum but naturally the machinery is more interesting..

Noticed this pair of 911s in front or our hotel.

Some magazine quoted the building "UFO has landed to Zuffenhausen", not very far from the truth :)

The '50 Beetle that was displayed in the old museum. One would think that with the resources available the car would be more closer to correct than it is. The pan looked bit battered too from the mirror shine glass it was sitting in top of. Looks like you have to touch it also to believe that you're seeing it too..

One of the things I've not experienced anywhere were the capsules where you could hear various engines rev'ving and the floor underneath resonated the sound too :)

Interesting combination 964 colours in the parking garage.

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