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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Bug Box / Bus Box Open Day

Some shots from Bug Box's Open Day / 15th birthday in Weiden, Germany.

Bug Box / Bus Box Shop

Quite nice trailering capacity!

After checking out two genuine ones day before this replica gave plenty of good vibes. I have never liked Speedster Replicas that much, except for the really outrageous ones like Serge le Flohic's Orange car with big Type IV or the blue Swedish one with Cup2 rims, but Spyder looked really good. No cheapo kit car look and feel at all.

Not bought, it's built. At least there is one red Karmann bodied car with that license plate that can have that script :) Mine can't..

Open Day Show Participants

I guess these are the two different paths forward for an aging Volkswagen guy?

There were also Tupperware/Pokemon cars in the other corner of the Media Markt parking place. That thing on the left probably saves a lot of snow plowing work for city of Weiden :)

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