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Sunday, April 12, 2009

2009 FHRA American Car Show

It said "built from shit" in the display card, I guess the old saying "you can't polish turd" has to be given some re-thinking :)

FVWA was displaying two Tomis with their sunroof-Splits. Tomi 'Heebah' Asikainen did pretty heroic effort in rebuilding his Split over the Winter in 50'/60's racing car theme.

The other Tomi had ditched the 17" Cup wheels to 911 spare wheels.

Skills-wise pretty awesome fake Cabriolet. Style-wise? Not floating my boat :)

I guess my favourite area in the Show this year was the FSRA's salt-flat racing themed display. The guys have read their 50's magazines :)

Jussi Jyränkö's new Pauter-equipped quarter-mile toy, all the way from Hawaii to Mäntsälä, Finland.

I remember one of my childhood best friend's dad buying an old hot rodded Volvo Duet for their daily car in early 80's, in the day when proper hot rods or 2 door V8s where scarce. I wonder if I had gotten into some other European cars than Volkswagen, how void that scene must feel, not that many other brands than Volkswagen or Porsche have such scene (number of people, parts/knowledge, magazines, events, web sites..) available. Just count the number various of Euro-Ford, Opel, Volvo, BMW what ever magazines in news-stands and compare the results with Volksworld, Ultra VW, Käfer&Co, VW Scene, VW Speed, Super VW etc.

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