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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Auto Museum Shots

Few Volkswagen/Porsche shots from Finnish car museums from couple of years ago.

Late Oval photographed in Espoo Auto-Museum. I am not very familiar with restored stock cars nor automotive museums in general, somehow it seems that in Finland restored Volkswagens are rarely restored properly. There is always something missing or incorrect parts for certain year model, like the missing bumper over riders or incorrect wheels on this one. Maybe Volkswagen is too common car to be taken seriously?

911 photographed in Espoo Automuseum. Colour is the same very striking Porsche Magenta as in Kaitsu's Oval.

Oval named Wäinö photographed in Kangasala. There are two museums within few kilometres from each other, cannot remember whether Mobilia or Vehoniemi had Wäinö on display. If I remember correctly the interesting story behind Wäinö was that it was assembled from original spare parts back in the day.

Karmann Ghia photographed in museum near Imatra, upon which we stumbled accidentally.

Some shots from Ferrari museum in Maranello couple of summers ago. Unbelievable place and collection of cars.

Apparently no trailer queen due to the dead insect in radiator :-)

288 GTO was my dream 20 years ago.. Nostalgic feeling to see one for the first time, but looked so outdated.

It said "please don't touch" but didn't stop this guy sitting on the car and having his trophy-wifey took photographs :-)

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