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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Flashback: Cal Look Survivor

80's Looker photographed in 1995 VW Expo. It appears to be very stylish representative of it's era.

Same car 12 years later in 2007 VW Open. Lot of work and dedication both from the current owner and the original builder.

Very cool that the car survived and got rebuilt instead of being abandoned after it wasn't so fashionable any more. Have met some people (this reminds me of especially couple ex-colleaques at work) who have got hooked on Volkswagens and Cal Look after the Tekniikan Maailma article and started projects that were never finished or if finished have gotten scrapped after the couple of summers of (ab)use.

Finding 80's Looker like in the picture above would be pretty cool, for guy like me who would never de-trim/de-chrome a ride it would give an option to built that Cal Looker in spirit of Feb 1975 issue of Hot VWs that I would no way in hell do otherwise :-) Different stance, T-bars and Fuchs would have worked nicely too on that ride, with or without colour change..

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