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Friday, May 18, 2007

Flashback: Henkka's racer

Henry Forsgren's old racing car that he raced around 10 years in various classes. At the fastest car performed steady 10 second times.

Henkka's racer in 1999 American Car Show.

Henkka's racer in 1999 VW Open. Photo by Jyri Erämaa.

One respectable side of this team is kind of a professional attitude. I am not sure whether there is any Volkswagen racer in country who has progressed to this level in all aspects including transporters, how the pit looks in races etc.

In 2005 car became one of the fastest local street legal Volkswagens in Jussi Jyränkö's hands and got nominated in Top20 of CalLook.com's rankings.

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