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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Shots from our garage

Tomi's super nice '52 Split with 17" rims.

Good old Luftsick Renn-Käfer. It was strored elsewhere and brought to the garage during winter,rear brakes removed and floor lubricated and left there, top work guys :-)

Jyrki's Oval with storage wheels/tyres..

Pasi returned back from Sweden with full agenda. There is a automatic pan donor car for his next project, an early 50's Hudson lurking in the back underneath that cover and his trusted daily sun roofed '65 that needs a little maintenance.

There is Luftsick-Takis' project car behind and under the crap somewhere..
All good in Kotten's pit, new engine for '07 is under construction.

Vilho is on the move.

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