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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Flashback: Make's Looker

Long-time West Coast Aircoolers president Make Railo built this late model Cal Looker during his last years in automotive painter/bodyshop school in late 80's. For a late 80's Finnish Looker Make's car is extra stylish and did not follow those Tekniikan Maailma project's ideas which became popular.

Probably due to young guy's enthusiasm it is well built since it shows still no wear and it is still in Make's ownership. In photo above Make's Looker is photographed in 1995 VW Expo in Turku. Next to it is Luftsick-Pete's '74 in two-tone purple and silver it wore at that time.

Make's car in 1999 VW Open.

Recent photo from WCA reunion in 2005.

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