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Sunday, March 4, 2007

Flashback: Couple of Late 80's Lookers

Fake Splits and Ovals were once popular among Finnish Custom and Cal Look enthusiasts. From today's point the cars received astonishing amount of labour, at least if it is compared with today's patina crap where any sorry ass can take just any piece of shit, dump the suspension and add wheels if budget allows. Those days it meant typically body off the pan projects, new paint, lot of welding and crafting the Split/Oval rear window (or more from the donor car). The large window ones certainly look today ridicilous with incorrect 50's rear window. It makes at least me think that if same amount of energy had been put towards the Split/Oval which donated the parts, maybe the end result would be worth more these days. Anyway, everything seemed more relaxed back in those days, like someone said "this used to be lot more fun, before someone invented the rules" :-)

"Acquarium" with Split rear-window. With fake Moon discs it scores all the style-points from late 80's or early 90's era.

I remember this one being featured in Street/Race-magazine. Being chopped and with frenched tail lights it combined also some Hot Rodding touches. Both photos by Pete from Luftsick.

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