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Friday, May 6, 2011

Pre-Bug In DKP Cruise Night

I have yet to make DKP Cruise Night on Classic Week, but this cruise night was a lot busier than the previous one I visited a little over year ago. Great to see a lot of cars from two traditional Cal Look clubs, DKK and DKP.

This black '67 looked awesome. My favourite "new" car along with Jim Splitdog's Split (which I didn't make photos before it came too dark).

Ed Graig's Ghia, Ed is famous from Keith Seume's 1st Cal Look book for owning the green Der Rennmeister Association Split Window.

Hecker from Der Selten Käfers owns this '67 Cal Look survivor.

Dave Mason's '62, the car that started the Old School Cal Look trend in Finland when Luftsick-member Alhoracing build replica of the car in early 90's as first such car in the country. Before that Cal Look was very much pastel colours.

Another Cal Look survivor from DKK club.

Sarge's '67.

Yet another Cal Look survior originally build in 80's by DKK club-member, owned and by DKP member Greg Brinton for a long time.

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