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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

2010 Hockenheim Historic

I had never before visited any sorts of Historic Racing in Germany and after this visit I can only wonder why the hell not :) I found the event and it's web-site via Google and didn't know about anything about it beforehand and neither did many of my German friends. Had really good time as the photos proof..

"Let the big dogs hunt" :)

Porsche Club in the parade.

The girl on the right was holding the keys to that A4 Cabriolet whole time the guy was manouvering the rig, funny :)

Cool Cal Look Bug in the pits. Don't know this car but based on the wheels and colour it looks like being built a some time ago. Perhaps started as early German Looker? Swap bumpers to t-bars and add little bit of black to the wheels and it's perfect.

As much as I dislike kit cars and buggies, if I would have the luxury of living in warmer climate a properly built 550 replica with nice Type IV engine would do nicely.

The guy who did this sculpture should have sharpened the axe before the attempt :)

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