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Monday, April 5, 2010

2010 American Car Show

American Car Show has improved during past years, again it offered a pretty good selection of Hot Rods and Choppers plus the usual nightmare of car audio and tuning cars in the next hall etc.

Kaitsu's Honda chopper was in good company.

Awesome Royal Endfield.

Awesome X2.

Pekka's 914 next to Juhani's rally Beetle.


1962 Bel Air, one of my favourite cars 20 years ago.

This 'Vette brought a lot of memories from late 70's model kits, the supercharger, the wheels etc.

The current retro trend of bloated pony cars does nothing for me, I liked the Mustang, but Camaro or Challenger are bit too much.

Three letters "W", "T" and "F" come to my mind..

"Join the gang"? Maybe a little update would be in order.

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