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Monday, February 8, 2010

DKP Cruise Night on Super Bowl Sunday

While touristing California with no "car-agenda" the Der Kleiner Panzer's Cruise is something not to miss for me. Me and Sanna had a chance to hook up with Jim Edmiston before the event and ride along some of the club members to the cruise location. NFL Super Bowl taking place at the same time naturally affected the number of people/cars that attended but we had a blast anyway. Big thanks for Jim&Sharon for the hospitality and it was really great to meet a lot of the people and see the cars that have affected my Volkswagen hobby a lot.

Sanna getting an "e-ticket ride". The moment Sarge started the engine I realized that I cannot drive with stock 30hp.

Jim Ratto's '67.

Carlos De Alba's '67.

Leaving to the DKP Cruise in Chino.

The ride through twisty canyon road, this is where we lost contact for few minutes as the rental car couldn't keep up, we could hear three pair of IDAs revving higher in the hills but that was all :)

Meeting some other club members on the way to Nicks.

Scott's Ghia, unbelievable seeing one favorite car next to another..

Two iconic Cal Lookers from the period that got me into Volkswagens.

Rick Sadler's '67. As yellow as Sarge's car is red. Awesome, the bright colours work for me.

Couple of DKK cars belonging to Dan and Mark.

Fabien Becasse's awesome '67.

The last photos were getting fuzzy as I didn't have a tripod with me.

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