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Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 Winternationals

Managed to squeeze in a day in Winternationals for our holiday. I haven't followed any sort of drag racing for years but got huge kicks from the nostalgia display and Top Fuel and Funny Car qualifying.

Nostalgia Display

One of my all-time favourite race cars. I remember how in mid 80's I bought huge pile of discount auto books from mail order book shop (Roadster in Seinäjoki if I remember correctly) with money from summer job at construction site, among the books was Petersen's History of Drag Racing and I kept coming back to the black&white picture of this car again and again. Luckily it didn't materialize as me buying a Mopar :)

Picture for you know who :)

My favourite gasser along with Mooneyham&Sharp coupe but I like this one more in the later blue disquise.


White Fords for Alhoracing..

Racing Shots

The snow-topped mountains in background are just surreal considering it was over +20C at the track.

That elderly gentleman acting as a starter just oozed authority :)

Garlits' dragster a moment later..

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