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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ford Special

Photos of home built racing car.. This happened some time ago, but car is too cool not to be included here, I was sitting with a friend in his garden having couple of beers and suddenly we heard very cool/strange engine roar in the street. Ecce's friend came over with this Ford Special/historical racing car. While Finland was recovering from WWII some roots about post war racing were already grown, this car is very typical home built racing car from that era. Built in late 40's and raced from that on in events like Eläintarhanajot. It is composed from various cars, like some suspension components were from 50's EMW (East German Built BMW) and engine/drivetrain combination from Flathead Ford, hence the name Ford Special. Coolest part of the car are those period hop-up parts like Allard cylinder heads and intake manifold. I have always liked Street Rods and in that perspective it is really funny that this car is museum registered and street legal without fenders.

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