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Saturday, December 9, 2006

Couple of layout ideas for my Kab

Restoration progress of my Cabriolet has been quite slow due to various reasons. Now it looks like it is going to be painted during February-March. Most likely it is going to be in original colour, that being L452 Paprika Red. When I teared the car apart three years ago I had a vision of metallic green paint (from new VW Passat at that time), pimp-my-ride rims and cream leather interior. Now the 17" American Racings are long gone and my mind is set towards traditional Resto Cal in spirit of GFK. Even though in quality/detail point of view my car won't be in the same leaque as those guys are. As a Resto Cal it will be easier to get rid of someday, it'll be stock easily, just matter of swapping the discs to 5x205 drums and steelies and raising the suspension.

Playing with the idea of Paprika Red Cabriolet a bit more. Steve Mortimer's '54 Coral Red Cabriolet coloured to Paprika (thanks Heeba). Steve's car is one of the top Cabrios I have seen in real.

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