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Thursday, April 1, 2010

2010 Volksworld Show

Alex's ride greeted all the visitors at the main door.

Xav's Brazilia, still really crazy car :)

While I am starting to have hard time figuring out the Nostalgia Gasser Scene I can totally dig beautiful modern race cars that are fast and follow today's rule technical book like Matt Keene's Oval above. I do understand the restoration of a race car with history but the repopping something which isn't really fast in the end nor doesn't have history is a waste of time and effort IMO and one Beetle off from road.

Oystein's Heb Coupe.

Me and Juse had the pleasure of meeting the bunch of Dutchs with this awesome Pritschenwagen on Friday Morning.

Unbelievable time-machine, a Cal Looker built in Germany 20 years ago by Ingo Neustadt. Car hardly shows any signs about being built that long ago.

WTF? They have misspelled "Autolanski" in the credits! :) Strange feeling in seeing your own car in such place and among such cars.

Some tough customers visiting the CSP booth :) Have to take this space to thank Peter, Thomas, Gunter, Jakob and rest of the crew for their hospitality and fun evening out on Saturday.

Walter's unbelievable Sand Scorcher.

Mike Walraven's Oval, one of my all time favourites.

Roland has edged Mike's Oval from being my favourite European built Cal Looker. Noticed Roland's car in the parking lot of the Eurotunnel entrance, if that meant the car was driven all the way, even more cooler!

I think Mario's Notch looked even better than the previous show-winning Low Light Ghia.

Mark Cross' Oval looked awesome. Good work.

This guy was fondling all the Type IIs downstairs :)

Yeah, air-cooled and slammed Golf..

Looked like a lot of car for 5000 pounds.

If I still remember correctly the Volksworld feature of this car from back 1997(?), this car was restored from Baja.

Cool Belgian Notch in the parking lot.

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