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Monday, July 12, 2010

Cabriolet Summer

Ah finally. First week of Summer holiday and got the 'Vert out.

I missed buying the hooks that secure the top in down position and the new padding plus the piece of shit TMI hood bag lifts the top slightly, but enough to mess up the rear visibility. Found the worn out original (moldy) hood bag some time ago which is like one size larger than the TMI one. Too bad I didn't realize to have Lenny re-pop one based on original measurements. Anyway when I get the hooks in place they'll do the trick.

While the interior smells like new everything in the rear smells still burned. Probably remains like that for some time before the new paint, rubber etc settle down.

The only trouble with my 25Kkm driven 30hp was oil smelling gasoline when I got the car running for the MOT tests in last October. Assumed first the carburetor causing it as it was oxidated internally beyond belief and cleaned/installed carb repair kit during the Winter, after the Volksworld trip (heh, driving the car on/off trailer 3 times..) oil smelled gasoline again. Oberschlachter supplied (thanks "Rusakko"!) a repair kit for the pump really quickly.

And where else but from Kotten's stash would you expect to find the tool to preload the 30hp fuel pump diaphgram :)

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