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Monday, April 23, 2007

Flashback: Alhoracing's Old School Cal Look Sedan

The first Finnish Old School Cal Look car built by Kari "Alhoracing" Alhonen in early to mid 90's. Kari visited VW Jamboree in California 1993 and that changed his Volkswagen orientation, off went his Sonderbus (Samba) project and 1302 Cabriolet. He acquired this newly painted '61 from Make Railo. The '61 became '62 look-a-like with red brick coloured interior, it is pretty obvious which DKP car had made the impression.

The first iteration round had Sprint Stars and lasted for few seasons, until in 1997 Kari bought set of MWS fake Berms from Kuplapaja (I got mine from same batch back then) and in 2001 car was updated with Gas Burners.

The '61 served all year daily driver.
1995, and times were changing, 12-second stroker engined Old School Cal Look car is challenging the 80's Looker.

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