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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sinsheim Technology Museum

Sinsheim and it's sister museum Speyer display pretty much everything from a Stihl chainsaw to Concorde :) Awesome places where you can easily spend a day, Sinsheim being the original and older place is easier to go through as Speyer felt bit chaotic at the end of the day.

Sinsheim had a display of "50's American Dream Cars".

Awesome 356B Carrera.

Carrera showing it's Volkswagen origins :)


Indian Four.

Indian Scout as Wall of Death machine.

I remember Harlan Thompson from early 80's magazines for being an American racer who toured Europe. If I remember correctly one of the first Finnish Top Alcohol Funny Cars (either Aartomaa's Trans-Am or Dodge Omni) was previously raced by Harlan Thompson.

Blue Flame World Speed Record car.

I am starting to like Coke-bottle shaped Corvettes again even though been told by powers that be that "forget it, looks so ugly, like a crowbar".

Lamborghini Miura.

The mandatory Speedster.

Funny how modern Ferraris start to look old and outdated quite easily but the 50's - 70's cars don't lost their appeal.

Remains of a Stuka.

A frickin' Cal Looker in Sinsheim?

One of the VW Beetles displayed was this de-chromed 'Vert on Fuchs. It is no Aaronson/Holmes car but still nostalgic.

Vintage adjustable front suspension, flip-front supports, "German-style" horns..


I liked the idea about displaying planes on these poles but on the other hand it would have been interesting to see them on ground with full interior etc.

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marc / lowtech said...

great report, never been there before. but I think I should visit once, ain't that far from my home anyway. cya, Marc