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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hockenheim Track & Museum

Holiday in Tikkurila? :)

Stayed overnight in Crowne Plaza in Heidelberg as it was right in between Speyer and Sinsheim Museums we wanted to visit. The drive and first glances of the city weren't too nice but it turned out all right.


On the way to Speyer Museum we spotted signs to Hockenheim track and decided to check it out. I knew about the museum but had no idea about the contents.

Four 80's Formula 1 cars and load of (uninteresting at my point) motorcycles, I guess I got most kicks out of this V-Twim I didn't knew even existed.

Handful of 997s, a Maserati and pair of Team Rosberg Audi R8s were running the circuit.

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