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Monday, July 6, 2009

EBI III - Cal Lookers and Racing Cars

2009 European Bug In III

First stop in arriving to Chimay was again set of frites with mayo and Hoegaarden in the Place du Leopold. Nice welcoming view too with the two Greenhearts cars :)

Another UK based Looker among the first cars spotted when we arrived.

Probably my favourite car of the cars that I hadn't seen before. I really like the lay-out of the car, olive green paint and Gas Burners.

Awesome car. I think I saw it first time 12 years ago when Bernie Newbury had just finished it, still love it.

Kurt's '67 Sunroof Standard leading the Flatline pack.

Doug Mische's old "Wocket" now belonging to Russel Ritchie's stable.

DAS pits.

I think I've seen this one before..

Must be getting old as the late cars seem to appeal.

There seems to be a Cal Look / Resto Cal momentum in Italy too based on what I've seen on some blogs and now handful of street cars in EBI.

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