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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Misc holiday shots

Visit to Custom & Speed Parts
We passed near Bargteheide on the way to overnight stay in Denmark and decided to check out CSP shop and HQ. It was very impressive and things looked very professional/efficient to say the least!

Thanks Jakob for the tour and for the hospitality in EBI III along with Gunter, Thomas, Peter and rest of the crew.

Went to see the German Grand Prix at Nurburgring and had really great time despite the weather being around 20 degrees colder that it was week before when we were heading to Chimay. Had great seats (sheer dumb luck) and made some nice photos :)

Mark Webber winning his first Grand Prix.

Kimi vs Sutil incident starting.. Second rate Formula 1 driver for a team from 3rd world country doesn't seem to give much room the way the're heading in the photo.

Start of the 2009 German Grand Prix.

Driver's parade around the track before the start.

Start of the Porsche Cup race.

On the way home we spotted this optimist on the fast lane with no speed limit zone, first I thought it might be a sleeper..

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