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Monday, April 8, 2013

Canepa Motorsports Museum

Some crappy camera phone shots from Canepa Motorsports Museum. Unbelievable place with museum, large workshop and inventory of cars for sale.


Gullwing Mercs, open top 356s, Dinos, Daytona and 2.7 Carrera..

Add few 959s and SWB 911(R?) race car..


Daytona winning Rodriquez Kinnunen 917.

George Loos 917.

Trans Am Javelin, 30+ years ago I glued together a JoHan kit of George Follmer's Trans Am Javelin that was few years younger than this one.

Cars for sale

This would be cool pair to have in your garage next to your vintage Volkswagen.

Amazing to see AC Ace and Cobra side by side. I dig more of the one assembled in Europe.

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