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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bugster Experience

While in San Francisco we discovered the perfect way to see the sights; http://www.thebugsterexperience.com/.

Our rental was '61 Bug on IRS pan with front/rear discs, 8-spokes and 1600cc engine.

Flat 4 steering wheel, Berg shifter and custom upholstery; not the average rental car or probably not even average rental Bug if there were more such companies.

It was bit surreal to see the familiar hump of the front lid as I have driven mine over 1.5 years ago last time! After few intial minutes of getting comfortable with someone else's clutch/brake/etc adjustements I felt right at home :)

There were total three rental Beetle Cabriolets, missed the 3rd one but it was 1302 model if I remember correctly.

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