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Monday, November 3, 2008

Trip to Germany

Hotel Schwanen in Metzingen, I guess this is my kind of parking lot :)

not too shabby on this side neither..

Looked like a contryman beated us visiting the place. The hotel walls had pictures of nearly every McLaren driver from the Senna/Prost days until today (except strangely Gerhard Berger and not so strangely Kimi :) We were bit puzzled about the big names as the F1 tracks etc quite far away but then realized the nearby HQ of one of McLaren team's sponsors for 20+ years.

During a nice drive in beautiful misty Schwabian mountains on Saturday Morning we came across to something like 100-150 people on the road, so we thought that they must be up to something..

..and they were; bit surreal sight to see herd of cows appearing from the fog.


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