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Monday, February 25, 2008

Flashback: West Coast Aircoolers at American Car Show '98

Shots from 10 years ago. My and Heebah '63 Beetles side by side in 1998 American Car Show.

Both of us started stroker engine projects after we got our cars sorted and neither of managed to collect all the parts and get the engine up and running before the cars were gone. I sold my '63 in 2000 and Heebah passed his '63 forward to Otso little later.

Both of our engines were based on 84mm Okrasa cranks but that's where similarities end, I opted for driveability and Tomi all out performance. I tried my engine two occasions at drag strip and got best et of 13.7 while Tomi has been a lot faster. Couldn't check out how much since Jyri's list wasn't available..

Heebah's '63 sported Judson supercharged 1200cc at that time, "Old Speed" before the Belgians even invented the term :)

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