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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Misc Las Vegas Shots

Famous welcome sign from late 50's.

THE Hotel at Mandalay Bay, where everything was branded with "THE" prefix.. Not too shabby place to spend 10 nights. In Matti Nykänen's words "aika mesta paikka" ;-)

The branding went as far as THEtp. I would have liked to hear the discussion in some hotel management board about naming the toilet paper :-)

Where else would you get to see Ancient Egypt, Paris, New York, Venice, Monte Carlo etc within an hour walk. Even though it felt bit cheesy in the beginning, everything is built up to quite high standard that you just like it.

Some of the brands in luxury malls, like in Caesar's Palace, wouldn't have much success in Finland..

Damn, missed seeing Vince Neil about 15 minutes in our hotel lobby.

First Street Rod I saw during the trip.

And returning to Finland's 50 degree temperature was rough, I got so easily used to 80 degree weather..

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