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Monday, October 8, 2007

Las Vegas Bugorama - Car Show

While the drag strip action was the best that I've ever witnessed the car show was a smaller than I expected and a lot smaller than the top European events like Spa Francorchamps show or European Bug In. But still plenty of good quality local Las Vegas cars and I didn't leave disappointed. Very cool show to end a good show visiting season after Volksworld Show, Bad Camberg and European Bug In.

Scott's 'Vert is among the top cars that I have ever seen. It looks like that Las Vegas guys don't follow the same rule book as others, besides this car the orange low-light Ghia and the two-tone orange/white Sedan were just unbelievable. While I don't have balls to have my 'Vert in non original colour I am glad someone else does..

IMO, probably the best Type II I've ever seen. I liked it even better with Gas Burners that it had in Hot VWs feature.

Restored '55 Oval featured in Hot VWs some time ago.

New Beetle with early 50's Chevrolet grille look-a-like..

What a difference does tweak of suspension and change of hubcaps make.

I liked this 'Vert a lot.

Fresno guys did respectable 6 hour drive to get to Las Vegas from California, I guess the route was at least partially the same I took to Corona in modern car week earlier. I really wouldn't enjoy doing it in an old Volkswagen over those hills :-)

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