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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Misc California Photos

Just what the doctor ordered in the middle of Nordic Winter.

LA Kings vs Anaheim Mighty Ducks in Staples Arena, made a trade with my wife about hockey vs. Winternationals, got to see drag racing if I went to see hockey with her. I guess life could be worse, huh? :)

Fast and Furious display at Universal Studios, entertaining.

Bump cars at Disneyland, I guess this is where most immigrants take their driving lessons? Well based on some of their behaviour on freeways.

That's something I don't have to take lessons nor read a book :)

Cool Ford panel van near Hermosa Beach, looked like someone practically lived in it. Saw few really cool vintage driver cars.

Like from the movie "The Duel".

Now I can reuse line from "Beavis&Butthead do America"; "is this the god damn?" Pretty awesome scenery. The build in 1930's is an unbelievable effort (along with the new bypass bridge seen in Discovery Channel documentaries).

So if you're dog on foot and after dark?

Driving Shots
I love the South West desert, unbelievable rugged terrain, awesome colors (even through dirty windshield). I like how much it changed during the drive. I am a big fan of Travel Channel's World's Greatest Motorcycle Rides program (the US episodes) and it was pretty cool to see some of the scenery presented in the series.

One of the 3 Cal Look Volkswagens we saw in traffic outside the DKP Cruise or shops.

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