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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Misc Shots - Drive Around Champagne

On our way from Chimay to Reims we spotted the French Black Mamba Ghia. I remember him racing at least last year with impressive quarter mile times and seeing him keeping up with the other traffic at normal highway speeds looked like nicely built engine/gearbox combination.

Reims circuit
Photos from Reims circuit that had grand history. Really awesome place, I think I stood there as silent as I was in some WW I places we visited but for different reasons.

The 2008 Reims Grand Prix, Team Seat leading Peugeot.. Yeah, it is public road :)

I wish they would do the same for the Keimola race track near Helsinki, but guess that is not happening ever.

I think the same applies to Keimola too as Jochen Rindt, Bruce McLaren etc raced there.

Merci Monsieur El Dub pour vous conseils :)

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