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Sunday, August 12, 2007

Boxer Speed Day

I guess most visitor and participant shared my overall "WTF-feeling" when seeing hundreds of camping vans and trailers occupying half of the pits. How about spending your holiday in asphalt parking lot middle of nowhere without any scenery nor lake nor river in sight?

Eagle Racing two-seater did few attempts, the one I saw was 8-second one.

Jussi's first 10-second runs with the Split. And no he is not racing against that Chevy Van :-)

Jyrki did his personal best with the Oval so far reaching into 11s.

Actually the first time I saw Kotten's Hitler's Revenge on drag strip. Kotten loaned the car for his old friend and his son, Jussi installed some IDA-equipped stroker to it (don't know any specs), first time out, guy first time driving it and first time in drag strip. Considering all of that low 14-second ET is very good achievement.

Battle of Antrasheisse Gray '63s. I think Juha was slightly faster than Otso, both are performing very well. Especially nice to see how Otso has developed a steady routine for burnout and clean run.

If I would have to take one of the cars in the event home, it would be Puavo's 911..

This '67 Chevelle did the most impressive burn outs.

Crowd pleasing 11-second Escorts.

Tomi's '52.

Vilho's '63 Sonderbus capable of 15-second ETs, not bad considering the fact that Bus' aerodynamics are similar to apartment building :-)

Jukka Aalto's Busses with Attitude qualified 13-second Kastenwagen.

Jere should be given some kind of trophy for shifting, smooth work dude :-)

This air-ride equipped late Oval was only interesting new car in the event. I am starting to dislike my own patina car more and more, but this looked very cool.

C'mon Juba, just a little tweak to the suspension and new wheels :-)

Busses with Sprints.

Busses with 5-spokes.

Man and the machine.

Last but not least, the last arrival Jyri with his race-bus.

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