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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Flashback: Hannu's old Oval continued..

After Hannu quit Volkswagens Jussi Jyränkö from Kuplapaja bought the Oval. Jussi transformed it into circuit racing car and raced Historic Races for couple of seasons and sold it forward. Having one of the few businesses in the country specializing in old Volkswagens Jussi bought the car back and sold again a couple of times.

In 2004 once the Oval returned to Kuplapaja again, Jussi decided to have one more serious go at drag races. Jussi has bit unorthodox approach sometimes and he went street drag racing with Type IV engine among the Cal Look guys. His fastest time 11.311@119.75 km/h netted him 3rd position in CalLook.com ranking.

Following season long-time VW drag racing enthusiast Jyri Erämaa bought the car, had it painted in black and mounted in a former Super Stock Type I engine. Fastest ET for Jyri was 12.3 in Alastaro after couple of attempts.

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